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First District

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The First District is one of the five original districts designated by the Fraternity in 1922. Over the nearly one hundred years of official existence, it has consisted primarily of the New England states. And though it comprises one of the smallest districts, its contributions to the foundation and development of Omega are significant. Its framework is the dense concentration of the great colleges and universities which have attracted men of the highest intellect in pursuit of their academic endeavors. Since the start of Omega, and when other regions either denied scholastic opportunities to her sons or opposed the establishment of such an organization of noble men, the Founders recognized the importance of raising and maintaining the standard of Omega in the New England states.

Founder Just had completed much of his coursework there, graduating from Kimball Union Academy and Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, in addition to his time researching at Woods Hole. Founder Love also matriculated to the region first in 1913 to pursue his undergraduate studies at Boston University and again in 1916 for graduate school. Founder Love presided over the Fraternity during his second term as Grand Basileus from the epicenter of the area, and it is there he first executed the Charter of Incorporation for the Fraternity on October 21, 1914.

The Founders, along with those other pioneers of Omega, broad in their world views and desire to promote a spirit of sacrifice for a common good, set out by design to expand the Fraternity secured in the area later designated as the First District. As a territory, none other can boast within such narrow limits, a greater array of institutions which compare in collegiate standing, facilities, and tradition for the pursuit of higher education. It is for this reason, Omega remained alerted toward establishing and strengthening a position among the men of these schools and promoting its influence as a fraternal group in this region.

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